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How to Create a Special Needs Homeschool Plan

How to Create a Special Needs Homeschool Plan is a comprehensive course designed to give you a clear path to homeschooling your son or daughter so that everything you teach supports your vision for your child's future. No more teaching things that won't really help your child or spending weeks or years using curriculum that isn't suitable.

Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner Through High School Masterclass

Homeschooling high school with a struggling student can seem daunting, but we have you covered in this 20-module master class. We can't wait to equip you and encourage you on your journey in homeschooling your struggling learner through high school.

Special Needs PTA:14 Keys to Advocacy and Independent Living

Special Needs PTA:14 Keys to Advocacy and Independent Living is a highly effective person-centered program, which is the first step toward supported progress in transition services. Utilizing My Transition Portfolio, this course is uniquely designed and is a long-awaited program for parents of young people living with disability.

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